Boosting Your Game: Simple Strategies to Enhance Performance of Your Online Gaming Site

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The online gaming industry is a massive and ever-expanding market. This presents a golden opportunity for online gaming sites. However, transitioning from traditional physical spaces to the digital world brings its own set of challenges. The competition is fierce, and standing out requires innovative and persistent marketing strategies. This article will guide you through the main hurdles faced by online gaming providers and provide straightforward solutions to each.

Attracting New Users

With a plethora of options at their fingertips, potential customers can choose from countless online gaming sites. To attract these first-time users, you need a smart customer acquisition strategy. This involves understanding the customer journey and optimizing it. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. User Experience: A cluttered site can confuse users and lead to abandoned registrations. A clear design and content are crucial for conversions, especially for new users.
  2. Acquisition Tactics: If you’re running a specific ad campaign, ensure that the landing page is clear and the ad message aligns with the landing page.
  3. Clear Calls to Action: Guide users with strong calls to action like ‘play now’ or ‘sign up here’. If users have to work hard to become customers, you risk losing them.
  4. Easy Sign-up and Checkout: A complicated registration process can deter users. Make sure users can create accounts in as few steps as possible and entering card information and personal details is easy.

Understanding the Customer Journey

The customer journey is the path a user takes from first learning about your product to becoming a loyal customer. Understanding this journey is crucial to effective marketing. With the help of InTarget, a CRM and marketing system designed specifically for online casinos and betting operators, you can enhance your understanding of the customer journey.

InTarget focuses on behavior-based marketing, which allows you to track and analyze your customers’ actions on your site. This information can be used to create a more personalized and engaging experience for each user. By understanding what actions lead to registration, deposits, and continued play, you can optimize these paths to increase conversions and customer loyalty.

InTarget also provides tools for organizing, executing, and monitoring e-campaigns. This makes it easier to reach out to customers at the right time with the right message, whether you’re trying to convert newly registered players or reactivate those who have churned.

Moreover, InTarget is designed to streamline your processes and act as a central focus point for your company. It offers numerous integrations, allowing you to use the services you’re already familiar with. This makes it easier to manage your marketing efforts and keep track of your performance.

By using InTarget, you can transform your player engagement and maximize profits with cutting-edge strategies and tools. It’s not just about understanding the customer journey—it’s about optimizing it for better results.


Once you’ve mapped your customer journeys, you can optimize them. Understanding a customer’s preferences and their position in the journey is key to retaining them. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. New or Returning Customer: Create a unique experience for new visitors who may need guidance through the process.
  2. Location: Is there a big game or event coming up in the user’s area? Make a specific offer to entice them.
  3. Basket Data: Encourage them to complete the payment process with offers based on what they’re considering.
  4. Device Type: More bets are taking place on mobile. Provide a seamless experience, whether that’s an app or a responsive website.
  5. Pages Visited: What offers and styles of gaming are they interested in? Make an offer based on their user journey and the content they’ve viewed.
  6. Traffic Source: Where did this visitor originate from? What does this tell you about their demographics and habits?

Retargeting Abandoning Customers

Overlay technology can make your onsite experience responsive to user behavior. For example, you can serve compelling offers to incentivize registration or ask for an email sign-up to bring potential customers into the sales funnel for nurturing.

Cross-selling to Customers

Once a user signs up and starts to play, the next step is to engage them with different types of internet gaming. For example, if a customer signed up to bet on a football match, converting them to a different sport or gaming type will add value to that acquisition.

Remaining Relevant

Keeping the attention of customers and continuing to offer what they want is a challenge. Here are some ways to encourage loyalty:

  1. Relevant Content: Content marketing can help you stand out. It can be videos, blog posts, emails, onsite content, and social media.
  2. Upcoming Events: Use upcoming sports fixtures to create topical content that brings users back toyour site for specific events.
  3. Diversifying in the Off-Season: When the main sports season ends, try to keep users engaged by offering other sports, international divisions of the same sport, virtual games, different live-action events, and novelty bets.
  4. Identifying and Nurturing VIPs: Identify your power users and nurture them differently. Use terms like ‘VIP’ to make them feel valued and inspire loyalty. High-quality customer service and high customer satisfaction are key to retaining and attracting VIP users.
  5. Keeping Leads and Customers Warm with Email Offers: Guide customers towards new and different experiences by offering loyalty incentives. Segment customers based on past behavior, stage in the sales funnel, and source of acquisition for successful email campaigns.


A variety of factors affect marketing success in the online gaming space. From understanding the complexity of the acquisition funnel to trying to increase customer lifetime value in a volatile market, you’ll need to deploy a range of strategies. Some of these strategies will be complex, like engaging with your data to fully map your customer journey. However, there are also solutions that you can start implementing today to start driving value while you work on the bigger tasks at hand.

Ready to make your gaming site work harder? Start optimizing your customer journey today.


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