Lifecycle Marketing Automation for iGaming

Become a powerful master of customer experience with our marketing automation software. Boost LTV, control user engagement and influence interaction with your site

Lifecycle Drag-and-Drop Campaigns

Our drag-and-drop campaigns enable you to create sophisticated lifecycle marketing programs with unlimited data points in real-time mode effortlessly.

You will not get lost in the endless data array labyrinth anymore!

Dream Email Editor

As a marketer, you have always dreamed of perfect breathtaking email campaigns but always had to stick to the ordinary ones due to the lack of implementation time?

Now you can bring any of your bold ideas to life in no time by using our highly customized data-driven email campaigns with exclusive drag-and-drop functionality.

Audience Segmentation

“Speaking your customer’s language” is a vital concept of every business.

InTarget UI allows you to conduct advanced filtering and segmentation of your audience with less effort based on the hundreds of processed demographic and custom event data stored inside Rich User Profiles.

Made Specifically For:

InTarget works with all kind of iGaming businesses. Improve your LTV and Retention with us.

Online Casinos

Revolutionise your online casino platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

Sports Betting

Revolutionise your sports betting platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

Online Lotteries

Revolutionise your online lottery platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

Crypto Casinos

Revolutionise your crypto casino platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

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