Track Conversions for iGaming

This feature isn’t just about tracking; it’s about empowering your decision-making with real-time data on the profitability of your communications

Track and Measure with Precision

Unleash the full potential of your communications with InTarget’s Conversions feature. Set specific goals, mark crucial interactions as conversions, and watch as every click and open translates into actionable data. Elevate your marketing strategy with insights that drive profitability.

Gain Deeper Understanding

Once a goal is achieved, InTarget begins its analysis, waiting for the predefined period to unfold. This meticulous tracking offers a comprehensive view of player transactions, enabling you to tailor your strategies for maximum engagement and return.

Optimize for Success

Transform raw data into a strategic asset. Post-engagement, InTarget presents a detailed breakdown of user deposits in a visually intuitive dashboard. Armed with this information, refine your communication efforts, focusing on what truly resonates with your audience for increased profitability.

Made Specifically For:

InTarget works with all kind of iGaming businesses. Improve your LTV and Retention with us.

Online Casinos

Revolutionise your online casino platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

Sports Betting

Revolutionise your sports betting platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

Online Lotteries

Revolutionise your online lottery platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

Crypto Casinos

Revolutionise your crypto casino platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

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