CRM and Marketing Automation for
Crypto Casinos

Supercharge your crypto casino with CRM and Marketing Automation. Enhance player engagement, retention, and revenue growth.

Level Up Your Crypto Casino

Elevate your crypto casino with our CRM and Marketing Automation solution.

Designed specifically for the crypto gaming industry, our platform helps you engage, retain, and grow your player base while delivering exceptional experiences in the rapidly evolving world of crypto gaming.

Benefits of CRM and Marketing Automation

Our CRM and Marketing Automation platform offers crypto casinos a range of benefits to excel in today’s competitive landscape:

  • Increase player retention and loyalty
  • Boost player conversion rates
  • Enhance customer segmentation and personalization
  • Optimize marketing campaigns
  • Streamline processes and improve team efficiency

Be Exactly Relevant

Deliver relevant customized emails that are triggered at the precisely right moment. Take the player’s experience to the next level. The examples of trigger events in marketing for iGaming may be as follows:

Welcome Campaigns

Create personalized welcome emails and promotions to encourage new players to start playing.

Retention Campaigns

Design tailored promotions and targeted messages to retain players and increase their lifetime value.

Re-engagement Campaigns

Identify inactive players and send targeted offers to win them back.

VIP Programs

Reward your most valuable players with exclusive promotions, events, and offers.

Features Specifically For Crypto Casinos

InTarget works with all kind of iGaming businesses. Improve your LTV and Retention with us.

TRG.TO: URL Shortener

Introducing TRG.TO, InTarget's powerful URL Shortener feature, designed exclusively for iGaming businesses to revolutionize SMS communications

InTarget Email API

With InTarget's Email API, sending emails has never been easier, more efficient, or more effective

Track Conversions

This feature isn’t just about tracking; it’s about empowering your decision-making with real-time data on the profitability of your communications

Trigger Marketing

You should not waste your time and money in vain. Stay focused and perform actions only that matter to you and your players

Player Segments

Create user segments with the market's leading segmentation for iGaming companies. Bring in live user data from your website, your app, and your marketing stack

Lifecycle Marketing Automation

Become a powerful master of customer experience with our marketing automation software. Boost LTV, control user engagement and influence interaction with your site


Specifically dedicated CRM for online casino and betting operators from InTarget will help you collect all information in one place


Deliver real-time, personalised bonuses to your players and increase engagement, retention, and overall revenue

Push Notifications

Stay connected with your players using real-time, personalized push notifications to deliver a seamless gaming experience

SMS Marketing

Unleash a strong bond with your audience due to SMS marketing services for casinos and sports betting from InTarget

Email Marketing

Unleash a strong bond with your audience due to email marketing services for casinos and sports betting from InTarget

Maximize Efficiency Of Your iGaming

Learn how our CRM and Marketing Automation platform has helped to achieve outstanding results

Boosted player retention by 30% and doubled their VIP player base
Casino A
Achieved a 25% increase in new player acquisition and a 40% uplift in revenue
Casino B
Reduced churn rate by 20% and increased average player value by 35%
Casino C

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