Push Notifications for iGaming

Stay connected with your players using real-time, personalized push notifications to deliver a seamless gaming experience

Improve your Engagement

  • Personalized Notifications: Target your players with personalized content based on their gaming preferences and activity;
  • Real-Time Engagement: Send notifications in real-time to keep your players engaged;
  • Easy Integration: Our service is compatible with various platforms for a seamless experience;
  • Analytics: Track your campaign’s effectiveness with our comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Right Notifications For The Right Players

How to know what exactly communication your customer is expecting from you?

Segmentation as a part of the push notification marketing solution enables you to affect your players efficiently, making your notifications be as targeted as possible.

Control Your Results

Reporting enables you to monitor the performance and effectiveness of your campaigns. Make your push notifications be clicked, and with more deposits as a result.

Be efficient. Be flexible.

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Crypto Casinos

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