Player Segments for iGaming

Create user segments with the market’s leading segmentation for iGaming companies. Bring in live user data from your website, your app, and your marketing stack

Unparalleled conditions for segmentation

Segment by players attributes, transactions, actions they have performed or haven’t performed, their email activity.

Segment by live user data and behavior

Turn the user data that sits in your apps into actionable segments. Map every transaction, game activity, and bonus information to user profiles in InTarget and build powerful segments.

Create hyper-targeted segments with groups

Groups enable you to use complex AND/OR rules to build highly targeted segments of people. There are no limits to who you can target.

Made Specifically For:

InTarget works with all kind of iGaming businesses. Improve your LTV and Retention with us.

Online Casinos

Revolutionise your online casino platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

Sports Betting

Revolutionise your sports betting platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

Online Lotteries

Revolutionise your online lottery platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

Crypto Casinos

Revolutionise your crypto casino platform with CRM and Marketing Automation

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