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Trigger Marketing

You should not waste your time and money in vain. Stay focused and perform actions only that matter to you and your customers. We will help to catch the right moment to stay as close as possible to your clients.

What is trigger marketing?
It is a marketing strategy that lies in sending emails, notifications and other communication media to potential or actual customers as a result of their performed actions or specific events on the site (a transaction, the number of games played, etc.).

Trigger email campaigns are usually targeted at the specific group of customers according to their behavioural characteristics.
Be Exactly Relevant
Deliver relevant customized emails that are triggered at the precisely right moment. Take the player's experience to the next level. The examples of trigger events in marketing for iGaming may be as follows:
Big Win
Congratulate players on their big wins.
Mystery Rewards
Engage players with a mystery award during a run of a big luck.
Abandoned Transactions
Help players with failed transactions.
Loyalty triggers
Spot your best clients and reward them. Then, reward them some more.

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