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Growth Marketing

We can't be wrong that brand scaling is one of your main business goals. Grow performance, foster your brand loyalty, affect customer retention and LTV by adopting efficient growth marketing strategy.
Optimize early life
Increase cross selling
Prevent churn
Drive engagement
Maximize LTV
Uplift activity
Highly personalized approach to marketing
lifts revenues by up to 15%
What is growth marketing?
Growth marketing is also known as "growth hacking" but it has nothing in common with "hacking". Growth marketing strategy is a data-driven process based on developing, designing, and conducting experiments and changes that can range from drastic to less drastic in order to improve the results of the campaign in particular or brand's performance as a whole.

Building and sustaining strong cohesion with your customers is achieved through a personalized marketing approach and effective channels of influence. Develop your brand rapidly with growth marketing strategy from InTarget.
InTarget Growth Marketing Features
Become a mighty master of your customer's entire experience. Influence. Engage. Retain.
Audience Segmentation
InTarget software enables conducting a comprehensive segmentation analysis based on the customers' unique characteristics and data. Filter the customers by segments and choose the right marketing triggers to control and influence customer engagement, retention, and LTV.
Email Editor
Take advantage of our ready-to-use message templates with drag-and-drop functionality allowing you to be creative at your best when reaching your customers.
Drag-and-Drop Lifecycle Campaign
Create complex lifecycle marketing campaigns effortlessly based on the extensive real-time data using our drag-and-drop feature.

Application Examples

Segment your users based on the behavioral data analysis and interact with them in the most effective ways.
Send a bonus to users, who were not active during the last month, but with an average lifetime deposit sum more than €100, for example.
New users with no games
Find users who registered within the last week, but didn`t play any game so far.
Failed transactions
Help your users with rejected transactions.

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