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Specifically dedicated CRM for online casino and betting operators from inTarget will help you manage all essential processes automatically.

iGaming crm
With CRM solution from inTarget, gather and monitor your customers' data, track interaction performance, automate workflow, and use reporting.

CRM System for Online Casinos

Attracting new players to your casino is crucial, but it's only half the fight. The second big challenge is retaining players to your product and that's where casino CRM solution services come into play
All the data on users` transactions in one place: sums, directions, types, payment methods.
Gather all user`s actions or events in one place: from failed logins to the number of games played.
All information on bonuses and offers in one place.
Manage user`s contacts and subscription information.
Collect all gaming information in one place: spin counts, win sums, payouts, and much more.
Login History
Track user`s login/logout history and traffic sources used.
What is a Casino CRM solution?
CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) and is a software that allows casino to gather a wealth of knowledge about their players' interests. Casinos and betting companies may use this information in marketing campaigns to better appeal to players and keep them returning and spending, resulting in higher profits for the company.

For casino customer relationship management CRM helps to improve marketing efficiency and other business KPIs by collecting extremely comprehensive user data.

Casino CRM software helps operators to:
  • Understand player behavior
  • Acquire and retain players with greater efficiency
  • Keep track of your players' spending
  • Improve your customer service
  • Cross-sell more effectively
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with greater accuracy
How Does Casino CRM Software Work?
A casino CRM system is responsible for monitoring and maintaining a high level of customer data, especially for their high rollers.

For example, some of the information gathered may include:
  • How often do players visit the casino's website?
  • What games do they like to play?
  • The sum of money they deposit and how much they withdraw
  • The average bet, average win, and average loss of a player

You can tailor bonuses to the player and create other customized deals using this information. Furthermore, this information can be used to forecast potential player behavior.

All data can be exchanged between departments (e.g., marketing, sales, account management, etc.) using casino CRM software and allow them to better coordinate their priorities and strategies. An online casino company will operate at optimum productivity when all of the departments work together.

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